Current Postage Rates
Find what the current price of a stamp is and how much it costs to send letters.
Current Price Of A Stamp:
Prices were raised January 27th, 2019
Your letter must be 1 ounce or under for this price.
Regular Envelope
The maximum size of your letter can be:
11 1/2" x 6 1/8"

(The maximum thickness of a regular envelope is 1/4")
If your letter weighs more than 1 ounce, then it will cost more.
The table below shows the prices for letters over 1 ounce (round up the weight, e.g. if it is 2.1 ounces, use 3 ounce price).
2 oz.75¢
3 oz.85¢
3.5 oz.$1.00
If your letter is more than 3.5 ounces, OR is larger than the maximum size of a regular envelope (11 1/2" x 6 1/8"), then you would use large envelope pricing.
Large Envelope
This is a large envelope, the maximum size that a large envelope can be is:
15" x 11 1/2"

(The maximum thickness of a large envelope is 3/4")
This table shows the postage rates for sending a large envelope.
1 oz.$1.00
2 oz.$1.15
3 oz.$1.30
4 oz.$1.45
5 oz.$1.60
6 oz.$1.75
7 oz.$1.90
8 oz.$2.05
9 oz.$2.20
10 oz.$2.35
11 oz.$2.50
12 oz.$2.65
13 oz.$2.80
If you would like to send a letter to Canada, use the chart below to find how much it would cost in postage.
Regular Envelopes
1 oz.$1.15
2 oz.$1.15
3 oz.$1.61
3.5 oz.$2.08
Large Envelopes
1 oz.$2.29
2 oz.$2.50
3 oz.$2.71
4 oz.$2.91
5 oz.$3.12
6 oz.$3.33
7 oz.$3.54
8 oz.$3.75
Sending a letter to Mexico requires higher postage than domestic letters. Use the table below to find how much postage to Mexico costs.
Regular Envelopes
1 oz.$1.15
2 oz.$1.72
3 oz.$2.29
3.5 oz.$2.86
Large Envelopes
1 oz.$2.29
2 oz.$2.97
3 oz.$3.64
4 oz.$4.32
5 oz.$5.00
6 oz.$5.67
7 oz.$6.35
8 oz.$7.03
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